Matt and Johan

When God makes the impossible, possible! by Johan

The year 2010 was the year I met my now-husband Matthew, I was then a fresh graduate and just started working in the radio industry, while he was a 4th-year communications engineering student undergoing his on the job training with the same company.

I first saw him during a lunch gathering inside the station, and yet my eyes still wandered off in a different direction.  And then came April 8, my boss that time asked me to go to a mall in Manila and oversee a job fair which the company was part of.


I’m glad I came because that’s where everything had started. *wink*

There was this girl in one of the job fair booths that had gotten an interest in him, I would sometimes catch them having small talks while he gives out fliers to people.  At the end of the day, the girl asked me (!) for his number, and because I was so nice..haha!, I asked Matthew for his number so that I could give it to the girl (because I am supportive like that!).  Yet he was so hesitant to give it to me, and turned out he wasn’t interested in the girl, but he gave it to me anyway.

And that was the moment when I noticed him, I would sometimes see myself looking at him and asked myself, ‘How can this guy be attractive?  He looks so serious all the time.  What’s with him that the girl from another booth liked?’

At the end of the job fair, that’s when I realized that I am the one he likes because he asked for my number…and everything from there, as they say, is history!

After months of constant texts and phone calls, we decided to have our first date.  It was very simple and yet the most memorable one.  We agreed to meet each other in EDSA crossing and rode a bus from there going to Mall of Asia.  In our bus trip, he handed me a gift and when I opened it, it was a book written by Nicholas Sparks. I was really touched by his gesture because he knows I love reading novels and it really set the mood that day.  It was May 15, we had lunch, watched a movie, and hang out with a cousin.  That was our first date and our first day as an official couple!  We went home holding each other’s hands while our hearts are full.


Flashback from three months in a relationship with Matthew, I would still feel that awkwardness of having someone you now call your boyfriend (he was my second and yet first serious relationship), I still have those doubts if whether we would last long or that he would be the man he says he is…faithful and kind.  And also, one thing that bothers me is that we have a different set of faith and belief.

But he did prove me wrong, he was the guy whom actions speak louder than words.  As our relationship blossoms day by day, I didn’t know that God is already speaking to his heart as well.  One day, he informed me that he started attending bible studies on his college campus and from there started attending Sunday services at a church close to his home and even decided to be baptized, all for the love of Christ!

People would say that we started really fast, and yet I believe that God planned everything for us. He is always the best author of love stories.  Matthew was always there for me, he is not just a partner but a friend and confidant.  I was not afraid to be me when he’s around.  I feel so safe and quite loved, and those were the moments I would realize that he is the man I would want to marry someday.

Our relationship was never perfect and far from perfect, but by the love and grace of God we survived mistakes, ordeals, and misunderstandings, that is why I believe that He makes all things beautiful in His time.

February 1, 2015, 2 days before my birthday and after a month of carefully planning, constant and secret meetings of him with my family and one of my close friends…he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him in front of the people I cherish and love, and with the whole congregation of my local church as well.  It was indeed the sweetest and exciting part of every woman’s life!


And now the wedding planning begins!  They say such preparation is a test of your patience, understanding and how well do you know your partner..and I believe that is very true!  But I thank God for having such a hands-on, patient and understanding fiancé.  I was the one who would think of the concepts, themes and things to buy while he is in charge of organizing things, what to do first and what to do next.  But of course everything and anything was not easy for us, sometimes we would argue with little things or that I would get so tired with the tasks that I tend to annoy him without me realizing.  And yet Matthew never left my side, he was so supportive of me, helping me and assuring me that everything will be okay.

So to the newlyweds-to-be out there, my advice is to never let stress or little circumstances affect your relationship.  If problems or difficulties arise, you must make time to connect and open up with each other.  Talk! Talk! Talk!  Good communication always wins the relationship.  Sometimes, it’s not always about winning the argument but losing it so that you could win the relationship!

Dec 19, 2015, fast forward to our most awaited day of our life as groom and bride, Matthew told me to not to expect that everything would be perfect, and enjoy our day, our wedding day!  And we did!  Yes it was not faultless or superb, and we may want to change a few things then, but whenever we both look back to that day we would always tell each other how blessed we are and how good the Lord is in our life.  Our wedding is filled with the simplest of things, we had most of it DIY-ed and yet everything turned out marvelous.

Our wedding day was a miracle, we started planning it when we only have 30k in our joint account!  Surprised?  It’s true!  What happened after that?  FAITH!  We prayed and believed that God will give us the right amount of financial blessings so we can push through with our dream wedding.  He provided everything and He even used the right people to bless us.  God is indeed a BIG GOD!

It has only been 9 months for us as a married couple and yet we already experienced some trials, little arguments, and shared pains but at the end of it all, God is always present and standing in the midst of us.  He softens both our hearts for us to understand and love each other all the more.


I thank God for weddings, but I thank Him more for marriages that Christ is the center, for I believe that when He is present, everything and anything will turn out wonderful and will work out perfectly.  To those of you who took the time reading this, I pray and declare that you had found your God’s best and your special day as a couple with united hearts will be lovely as ours, and that your marriage will be filled with lots of love and joy that only the Lord can satisfy.  God bless you!